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  2. I see you took my suggestion to make cadre purchasable and upped it to project lead. Nice.
  3. grew up with his younger sister Zoya and mother Tatiana His father left then when he was only 4 years old his mother and father had immigrated to the United states before he was born he joined the marines out of high school and went on to become a navy seal at the age of 31 he was recruited by the state department to be a spy for the C.I.A. a few years later he finds him self imbedded in the Russian Red Army his mission to collect intelligence on strong holds and movement of the army as the conflict between Russia and the US His superiors want him to get out of Russia but making plans to leave the pandemic hits hard and he finds himself struggling to find a way out of Russia and back to the US to find his mother an sister and make sure there ok.
  4. Hope you guys will enjoy the upcoming content!
  5. I know myself and my friends who play on the server have always adopted a 'Neutral' standing. We don't jump to conclusions and never put credence in a rumour (this includes radio chatter) as we're of the mind to make our own decisions from our personal interactions. This can, at times, lead to people becoming hostile with us attempting to force a decision on choosing a side, which we won't do. Some do mistake a neutral attitude for being passive, and that's one thing I'd like people to know the difference of. Neutral does not mean passive, we just won't take a side in a conflict that's not our own. Remaining neutral opens a lot of doors and makes you more accessible and approachable to others and definitely add's to any character story.
  6. Honestly truly a powerful and impactful message. This message means so much more to us than you think. Im glad you are finally exposint the truth about those god damn Moon Goblins. They are gonna come down one of these days and kill all of us. But one thing you can do too help stop these moon goblins. Is too click this link and share the message https://bit.ly/3dmoYUR. Also buy the ed pills THEY REALLY WORK P.S. Good to see the work kiddo.
  7. I don't really pay attention to IC radio because its a cancer fest of back and forth and big dicking along with tons of OOC hints about things in the community and just... Trolling. Not a fan. But if someone says IC that a group is bad I will just take it with a grain of salt. People will lie IC to make someone look bad IC. Just characters being characters. People may also just not like people OOC and just start shit with the "IC" excuse, but I don't know any solid evidence that supports that. Man if you had great times with the people that were supposedly bad people then someone was lying over the radio. That's all there is to it. If people want to lie over the radio let them. It's up to the role players to find out whats the truth.
  8. I don't even see any complaints about military style gear, I see complaints about military guns every now and then, but what's a new shirt gonna hurt? Or a new backpack, or medical pouch, or patches? Not to mention I never see any suggestions for new civilian style gear.
  9. Zillah

    Zillah's Media Thread

    ah big sad. You guys miss out on premium dayz frags
  10. You drank my moonshine, how dare you!
  11. No this is all bogus, But nice job on trying to convince me about the space monkeys that are coming to kill us all and that the earth is flat. We all know the Goblins from the moon are coming to kill us and that earth is actually a pentagon. P.S. I agree with your opinion. This barely happens in my own opinion
  12. Aisling

    Cyrus Sinclair

    uwu whos this
  13. "Can you feel it, coming in the air tonight."




  14. The Crye shirt is an interesting addition, especially with the patches.
  15. From all of the complaints of mil gear, it's kind of disheartening to see more being added. But I love this server and will wait out for more civ stuff!
  16. Was a pleasure RP'ing at your home with you!, although just want you to know I am NOT part of the Black Roses on Logan, although I know you don't know that we genuinely were just wandering around and stumbled across you, Hope to see you in game again soon!
  17. I was with Logan @ Ryan and had the conversation at your camp! Really enjoyed the RP with you @ Yeetera It was really fun.
  18. Asim and his brothers went to Chernarus on a mission to take out russian power on the borders they ended up in Chernarus when the infection broke out. They came to late to the party and the outbreak hit, the borders were locked down and the brothers could not leave Chernarus.
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