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  1. I havnt has any hostile RP other than our base being Off-lined raided.
  2. Nelson Biggsbe better known as Biggsbe is no normal person. When he was a child his parents separated, that hit him hard.While growing up he spent most his time alone. His mom was not around that much, and his dad was a pill junkie. He spent mosthis time in juvenile detention center. At the age of 14 his mom married another man he had son named Seth Hatcher. Sethwas a very unstable child he had tried several times hurting the family by harming their mother. Seth eventually killedtheir mother. Biggsbe was furious with Seth but Seth was all he had left. Seth and Biggsbe didn't like another at first but after they got to know one another they had a bond that could not be broken. They grew up together having very little so theyhad to find a way to provide for themselves. Biggsbe had a idea to become drug lords. Seth would not be the brains behind this he would be the muscle. Drugs, women, money, and power was all that they wanted. By becoming drug lords that would solve all their needs. The only problem the idea was they would have to take out the other drug lords in the city.There was several other drug lords in Port Richey, Florida. But only one really seemed to be a problem. This mans name was Hector. Hector was a control freak. He wanted to runeverything. But Biggsbe wanted to control the drug operation in Port Richey. And he did for a short amount of time. Biggsbe and Seth killedHector by blowing up his Hideout and allowing them to kill off the rest of his men one by one. They was caught in the process see Sethhaving killed their mother had the cops already looking for him. And once this hide was up in smoke the cops knew it had to be the twobrothers. The brothers knew they did not have long before the cops showed up so they went to the nearest airport and would hijack a plane.Once the plane took of and got to the correct altitude the brothers rushed the captains room and took control of the plane. The passengersknew that they would die and that the two could not take them all. So the passengers decided to fight back and the plane crashed landed into a ocean. From there the brothers story is to be continued.
  3. undercucklv got nothing better to do than wait for someone to post here 1
  4. Litty like a titty
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